Coko and Her Son Were Two of Others Stuck on I-95 During Drastic Snowstorm

by Jhanaya Belle

January 5, 2022

Photo by: Gary Miller/Contributor

Cheryl Elizabeth Gamble, better known as Coko from the Grammy-nominated ’90s girl group SWV, recently shared that she was among the hundreds of people stranded on Interstate 95 in northern Virginia after a massive snowstorm hit the D.C. area earlier on Monday, causing gridlock in both directions along a 50-mile stretch of the major Eastern Seaboard road artery.

The R&B singer shared several photos on her Instagram account on Tuesday, after she and her son Jayye Michael were caught in traffic and confined in their automobiles for about 10 hours during the severe weather storm.

“Today is a great day!! I don’t look like what I’ve been through!” the 51-year-old stated.

She continued.

“Yesterday I was stuck on I95 north for 9.5 hours! I got stuck on a pile of snow, ppl were kind enough to push me out.”

As she documented her time confined in her car, Coko shared a series of clips that showed other automobiles and trucks stranded on the road alongside her. Her photo changed from day to night, indicating how long they had been stuck on the road.

“Car is damaged a bit,” Gamble shared as she and her son were safely moving again. “I made it to a hotel where I shall remain until I can go home.”

She continued.

“I have NEVER experienced anything like this before!!! I thank God for keeping us safe!!”

Coko ended her caption by jokingly stating, “No more road trips!”

Monday’s blizzard unloaded about a foot of snow on northern Virginia, falling at speeds of up to 3 inches per hour and thwarting efforts by the Virginia Department of Transportation to salt the roads.

The first event began that afternoon with a tremendous collision involving many tractor-trailers, triggering a chain reaction of cars to lose control on the dangerously slick roads. Many motorists were stranded with minimal fuel, no food, and no water until late Tuesday morning when traffic began to move.

Fans were taken aback when they learned of Coko’s ordeal but were relieved to learn that she was safe.

“It’s so crazy what happened on I-95, Glad you are okay!” wrote one fan.

Another Instagram user commented, “I’m so happy you and Jayye are safe!!!! Wishing you an amazing start to this new year and week! Love you!”

We are glad that Coko and her son are safe! We hope everyone else stuck in traffic is safe as well! 

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