Diva Blog: Brave Says “See, I’m a Lady”

On Her Surprising MC skills

I grew up writing poetry and spoken word and the idea of expressing myself with words. Words is what I love. I grew up with 2pac and Biggie. I’m also a big fan of Slum Village. Really, I’m big on rappers that tell a story. I’m a huge Lauryn Hill fan, she does an exceptional job of singing and rapping.  She does lyrics and song. My EP will be in that same lane in terms of mixing hip hop and R&B.

I don’t think I could choose between singing or rapping. They are both my loves.

On the Charity Drama at Warren Campbell’s Studio

Honestly,  I had just hung up with my sister who is battling breast cancer so I was excited to hear the song because I knew I would be performing on behalf of her.  They said she was supposed to pass three years ago when it when to stage four so I just remember being focused on the music. When things started going left, I got disappointed. I didn’t want it to go to a new episode of drama. To me, when things are for charity, all proceeds go to charity.  Now, I wasn’t there when Chante said it, but that’s how I feel.  In the end, I really wanted to play for my sister and have her smile. 

On Chrisette Leaving

A piece of me wished that we had more time to build a friendship. I was sad when she left because I really like her and her energy. I like what she stands for as an artist and I wanted a chance to get closer to her.

On the whole Baltimore vs. Brooklyn Fight with Stacy Francis

See I’m a lady. I will always try to do what I did. I felt like as long as I made it clear that there were certain things I didn’t want to do, certain lines I don’t want to cross. Violence is never the answer, so even in the streets I would do the same. I would tell her like I did: “Look mama, I have an issue, this is how I feel. Let’s squash it.”

On Her One on One with Warren Campbell

I was honored and humbled that he saw something in me and wanted to further my music. Since what you saw on the episode, we’ve collaborated in the studio and hopefully the tracks we did I will be able to share on the EP I’m releasing (“Fearless” drops this summer).