Diva Blog: “I’m Bigger Than This”

Lil’ Mo opens up about her suicide attempt, Stacy’s “turnt up” side, and who should NOT return next season.

Since this isn’t your first reunion show, what do you have to do to prepare?

It’s everything: mentally, spiritually, emotionally, financially, physically; you can’t just go into it green or just wide open. With reality TV and with everything you do, when you’re a genuine person, you have to be prepared. Me, I’m a wolf. Throw me out to them. I’m going to come out leading the pack. You just have to be ready for whatever comes your way.

Did you give Brave or Stacy any advice on how to handle reunion?

I did tell Brave at one point, “Just be prepared.” I told Stacy, “Be yourself.” If you’re loud and obnoxious or if you’re quiet, push that and stick with it. Don’t try to come in one way and switch it up. You don’t want to confuse the people because when you confuse them that’s when they chop your head off.

What did you think of how Stacy handled herself?

Stacy is very vocal. If anyone knows anybody that’s from New York, that’s how New York women are. I’m originally from New York. I live in Baltimore now. I went from “turnt” to “turnt up” even more. I’ve known her for years. We have a lot of mutual friends. If you see who her real friends are outside of the show, she has some super, cool, connected friends. And her as a mom, she has her kids around all the time. That’s how we connected. That’s how Brooklyn girls are.

A large part of the storyline was the Cancer benefit, why wasn’t that enough for the Divas to set aside their differences?

Certain people are just predictable. We found out at the last reunion that Chante and Claudette were trying to get a percentage of the sales. I don’t understand people’s motives and you know what, I’m done trying to figure them out.

Why did you decide to bring up your suicide attempt during reunion?

I honestly wasn’t going to do it. You just never know when you’re at your lowest point who will be healed from your hurt. Since God didn’t let me die there’s a reason why I’m still here. I choose to be happy. Whatever path I’m going to take is by my decision.

Are there any Divas you would collaborate with outside of the show?

Yes. The people that I like are Chrisette, Leela, and Brave.

Are there any Divas that you think should not return next season?

I think there should be a re-cast. This is a show. We’re supposed to be showing real-life stuff.