3 HWGA Moments You Never Want To Experience…Again

by TV One Staff

February 17, 2016

The latest episode of our hit sitcom, Here We Go Again,  revealed the lemons that life often hands us. Forget making lemonade, we never want to experience these moments again! Here are three scenarios we hope will stay on screen and out of your life. Tune into Here We Go Again every Tuesday at 8/7c!

1. When you realize the person you’re dating is not who they claim to be, and likes to ignore your calls.

2. When you realize your friend is obsessed with the person they’re dating. Now you have to rethink the friendship because well, they’re nuts! Even worse, when you’re that friend.

3. When your mom scolds you in front of an audience and then everyone chimes in, in agreement, leaving you helpless and embarrassed.