Can Anyone Make Celibacy Cool?

by James Hill

July 5, 2016

No one is ready for their kids to grow up (there’s a reason parents cry at graduations), and if there is one part of adulthood parents really dread is the thought of their kid entering the realm of sex.

But like death and taxes, it is a topic that cannot be avoided.

Or can it? D’Essence says she is leading a celibate life and she, along with her friend, are trying to start a program promoting celibacy to teenagers. That still doesn’t make it kind of awkward when she goes to Rickey asking for help in promoting her new venture.

“Make celibacy cool.” That’s a tall order. That doesn’t mean it can’t be done, but trying to get teens to abstain from sex has proved . . . unsuccessful. President Obama, a father of two daughters (one who is college-ready) recently cut all government funding to abstinent-only sex education programs. Why, well, a 2007 study on those programs revealed that they simply didn’t prevent teens from having sex or reducing their partners.

But does that mean Rickey shouldn’t even try?

TELL US: Are you more interested in telling your kids about how to have sex safely or encouraging them to be celibate until marriage?