Sheryl Lee Ralph Knew “Moesha” Was Over When . . .

by James Hill

July 6, 2016

If you grew up in the 90’s, Sheryl Lee Ralph was YOUR Claire Huxtable. As the mother figure on “Moesha,” Sheryl Lee Ralph exuded the authentic mix of charm, sterness and love that made Dee the TV mom you kinda wish was making you cookies (no offense ma!). But as great as she and the show were — should we do an Unsung Hollywood on Moesha? — there was a major shake up in the later seasons that rocked Sheryl and the cast to their core.


So, turns out Frank was a bit of a rolling stone. We guess that’s real considering the rate of infidelity in American marriages, but DAMN why did it have to be our Frank? “Moesha” was soooo sweet and innocent, it didn’t feel like we needed that dose of reality.

TELL US: Did the big twist on Moesha make you more or less of a fan? Do you want Black TV that doesn’t feel the need to reflect some of our harsher realities?