President Obama Says “Don’t Boo, Vote!”

by James Hill

July 28, 2016

Michelle Obama is a hard act to follow, but her husband sure gave it a go.

President Obama ended last night’s Democratic National Convention with a speech that praised Clinton as the most qualified candidate ever, took Trump to task and closed by saying he was “ready to pass the baton” to the former First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State.

He also directly addressed some Bernie Sanders fans, who have interrupted many speakers at the DNC, when he said “Don’t boo, vote!”

But it was the end of his speech, as he got emotional that really hit us. He’s going to miss being President as much as we are going to miss him being the President.

Now look, our mascara is running. Watch some highlights right here.

TELL US: Did Obama’s speech help you better get on board for Hillary Clinton?