Harry Calls Kaepernick the Next Ali

by James Hill

September 2, 2016

When Harry Belafonte talks, you sit down and you shut up.

And when he says that Colin Kaepernick needs our support and that he is following in the footsteps of Muhammad Ali, it’s time you listen, too.

Turns out many of you did.

We posted Belafonte’s NewsOne Now sit down across social you had MORE than a little to say about it, many of you loving his quote “If you are comfortable with my oppression than you are my oppressor.” 

Some, however, thought Belafonte had not gone far enough.

Exhibit A:

And he wasn’t alone. But now the question is, if we agree with Belafonte that those comfortable with oppression are actually oppressors, what does that mean for other athletes of color who aren’t taking the same stand as Kaepernick? Should we boycott them, too?

Want to take a look at his interview again? Here it is: