“Jean of the Joneses” and Other Awkward Black Love Stories

by James Hill

October 3, 2016

One of the things that we LOVE about “Jean of the Joneses” (premiering October 23) is the odd-duck relationship between Jean and Ray — who meet in the back of an ambulance over a corpse. If that sounds weird, it’s because it is.

It’s also unbelievably sweet and, sadly, not seen enough.

While romantic comedies with massive, stellar casts are commonplace (“Best Man,” “Think Like a Man,” etc.), it’s not often we get to see characters who are just regular folks — not all rich ball players, businesswomen and talk show hosts — having regular normal lives upended by love they didn’t see coming. And even when we do, these characters are always, undeniably, very, very cool. And some of us, maybe most of us, are definitely not very, very cool.

And with that said, we wanted to pay homage to the awkward, Black love stories that put cool on the backburner and turned up the quirky.


TELL US: Did we miss any? What quirky love stories do you love?