Three Men You Need On Your Dating Roster

threeAre you down for “The Dating Game” or are you a one-date kind of girl?

“The Dating Game” is when you juggle multiple men (or women) in an effort to see which one you like the best. Or perhaps you engage in “The Dating Game” because you have different needs that are met by different dates. Whatever the case, participating in “The Dating Game” is a must for my singles ladies!

I know I’ll probably get a lot of hate emails for this one but I’m trying to enlighten my sisters out here.

Single men keep a roaster of available woman at ALL times and are not afraid to tell whoever they are seeing that they also see other people. Why can’t women get in on “The Dating Game” and play by the same rules as men?

Early on in my dating career, I use to be a one-date-at-a-time kind of woman but I later learned that I lost a lot of PRECIOUS time concentrating on only ONE man at a time (Ladies over 30 know what I am talking about!). The majority of the time, I was probably not the only chick but he was my only man. Don’t believe me? I experienced having a man I was dating for over a year tell me he had a baby on the way and do you remember my “Last To Know” fiasco? It’s safe to say that these men weren’t just dating me!

Men do it ALL the time. WHY not women? I think adding variety to your dating menu is a must! I’m not saying you should be sleeping with multiple partners at the same time. Dating is not about that. You pick and choose which one of your dates you sleep with IF ANY at all.

You are not a slut a whore or even a chicken-head if you are dating more than one man at a time. As a matter of fact, you are smart because you are not giving all your precious time to ONE dude that might turn out to be a dud.

Now in the event you ARE sleeping with multiple men as a result of “The Dating Game,” PLEASE take precautions and don’t end up on Maury Show trying to figure out who your baby daddy is.

The type of dates I like to keep on my roaster when I am not in a serious relationship include…

The Baller

I hate to sound shallow but every woman likes to be wined and dined and I’m woman enough to admit it. “The Baller” is smooth, his ride is smoother and his pockets are the smoothest. When I am with him I really don’t have a care in the world because I know he will handle it. The problem with “The Baller” is his dating roaster is full of available women and he probably knows he is a great catch. Don’t expect this “dating game” participant to settle down in time for you to have a couple of kids unless your 18 and he is 50.

The Nice Guy

He is the one that calls you at work just because or tries his best to brighten your day. The problem with dating “The Nice Guy” is that he is probably a little too nice and you might find yourself questioning his motives. But before you take him out of ”The Dating Game” line-up, remember genuinely nice guys are hard to find. Maybe he is so nice because he might just be that into you, and that is not a bad thing.

Mr. We-Have-So-Much-In-Common

“Mr. We-Have-So-Much-In-Common” might not set your panties on fire with desire but your conversation and like-minded ways always make for a great time together. Since he knows you so well, his date suggestions are always A+ and you look forward to spending time with him. The downside of dating “Mr. We-Have-So-Much-In-Common” is he probably isn’t a baller and he is so much like you it might scare you a bit. Is he husband material?

Remember, the art of dating is getting out of the house and spending time with different people. How do you know what you like if you practically date the same type of men over and over? Get out of the repeat zone and try something new. By participating in “The Dating Game”, having a variety of dates can drastically change your outlook on love and successful relationships.

TELL US: Are you a “Dating Game” participant? What kind of men are in your line-up?

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