Keep it Sexy – The Morning After


It’s probably too late to debate whether or not you planned on waking up next to someone new.  Chances are you didn’t but don’t worry!  Follow these tried and true Top 10 tricks and always plan on keeping it sexy!  


Being minty fresh is always a good thing.  If you don’t have a travel size toothbrush on you, your finger will work just fine.

Lounge Wear 

Wearing his t-shirt is better than wrapping yourself in a blanket and running for cover to the bathroom. If he offers you a t-shirt, take it.  If not, remember to place your original outfit back on correctly before rolling.

Morning Mane

A Black woman’s hair is her crowning glory so looking a hot hair mess is out of the question.  Chances are he won’t even notice but if it makes you feel better make a mad dash to the bathroom and get to combing.  No comb? Fingers work every time.

Fresh & Clean

You can’t really pack soap and water in your clutch bag for unexpected morning after’s but you can take a wipe-it.  These convenient products are available for your face and the rest of your body parts, including the feminine ones.  No wipes? You might have to use his man soap just this once. 


Don’t sleep on how much you can fit in an evening clutch bag.  Yes, even undies!

Fresh out?  Reverse your old ones and keep it moving.

AM Glow

Keep your morning after look light and fresh.  Bronzer works wonders or just gloss and go!

Cash or Credit

No, we are not suggesting you pay him for his service. LOL!  You need a little cash or plastic just in case you need to get home.   A morning after diva always has cab fare in a pinch!

Breakfast In Bed 

If the hook-up went down at your crib and you want to impress him you should have the basics on hand to at least offer breakfast.  Coffee, juice, eggs (with cheese) and some type of bread product will do.

Safety First 

Don’t count on your hook-up to have them on hand.  Take your health and your own destiny seriously and carry your own.  And yes, these do fit in your cutest clutch! 

Left Behind

Do a double take before you make your final exit.  Don’t leave anything behind.  Make sure you have your cell, your keys and your jewelry with you when you say good-bye.