Keep it Sexy

How many times have you been caught out there looking not-so-sexy! Just  admit it because it has happened to ALL of us – at least once.  

Yes, even me!  Sexy is a state of mind but there are a few other things that must be on point – no exceptions!

Follow these tried-and-true grown women tricks to keep it sexy. 

Top 10 – Keep It Sexy!


Nobody wants to talk to a yuck mouth, let alone kiss it, so please make sure to pay close attention to your upper apparatus mouth region.  What I’m trying to say nicely is brush your teeth, floss, gargle, rinse and repeat. On dates, keeps mints handy, stray away from dairy products and drink water.


I’ll never understand why we sistas in particular, spend so much time and effort on our locks whether their natural, not or just store-bought but neglect the most sensual strands of all.  Keep your grass cut down there.  A well-groomed bat cave will invite your Superman lover in and not have him flying off to another location. 


No “granny” panties, no matter how comfortable or cute you think they might be.   You NEVER know when the mood might strike and you and your panties should be ready. It’s better to be safe than sorry and “granny” will definitely ruin the mood.  Put on your BEST unmentionables and leave your old friend at home where she belongs. You will thank me! Incorporating lingerie into your routine will help you keep it sexy regardless if your body parts are giving private showings or not.

CRIB 101

If your gentlemen friend is lucky enough to get inside your crib please make sure it’s clean. Don’t sleep – You will be JUDGED even if his bachelor pad is a pigsty.  If he doesn’t mind chillin in your hoarder’s den, chances are you have yourself a first-class “scrub.”


Your momma wasn’t lying when she said the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach (**well, that’s the PG version. Click here for the NC-17 version**).  If you have company, I’m not saying you have to whip up a four-course-meal but make sure you’re not the poster child for Old Mother Hubbard with bare cupboards.  Grown, sexy women can cook a meal or at least offer a beverage and an appealing snack.


There is nothing sexier than a lady with shoe swag.  Men love a heel!  If you’re not a heel girl, may your love life R.I.P.  There are tons of options these days with wedges, platforms and shoe inserts.  Make it work! 


Show your man that you know the art of pampering and aren’t afraid to give him a little TLC.  Men love a shoulder rub, a back massage and other niceties.  Being sensual without having sex is actually very sexy.  


Now as a Black woman, we may need to go the “extra” mile in this department. Keep ashy elbows, knees and curling iron burns out of sight.   If these departments are challenging for you, invest in quality skin care and when in doubt, use the old- fashioned remedy of Vaseline.   


Tickle his fancy with a signature scent.  Find one that works for you and leaves him lingering.  Smelling sexy leads to feeling sexy and feeling sexy leads to great things (Wink! Wink!).


Nothing says SEXY BLACK WOMAN more than confidence.  Listen to your best girl power anthem (Aretha? Mary J.? Alicia? Whitney?)  before you hit the block to put you in the mood of total self-assurance.   Know your worth, know your power and work it!

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