About The Show


Being on parole is no walk in the park. One wrong move, and it’s back to jail. But being a parole officer? It’s like having 100 kids that need your love and guidance. Let them down, and they could be lost forever. 

TV One’s gripping new series, Parole Diaries, follows the parole officers of Indianapolis, Indiana, and the parolees they work with. The show offers a look inside the parole officers’ day, working with sex offenders, convicted murderers and addicts. It’s extremely tough work, but these civil servants offer the ex-cons something rare: a second chance.

High on stress and low on glamour, the work these officers do helps keep the country’s prisons from becoming overcrowded and offers ex-cons a chance to straighten out their lives. It’s dangerous, time-consuming and thankless. But few jobs offer so much reward.

Parole Diaries will follow a group of parole officers through their most difficult and heart-wrenching cases. For parolees, the only thing standing between them and a life back behind bars is the guidance, life-coaching and good graces of their parole officer.

Don’t miss TV One’s Parole Diaries. Tune in Wednesday at 10/9c beginning September 12.