The Mad Cool Fitness ‘Get It Girl’ Guide

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So you’ve assessed where you are with wanting to be healthy and you’ve decided you are ready. Congratulations! Following up on my previous post re: making exercise easy and accessible, I wanted to dig into the how of making this happen to support your weight loss and health goals. Yes, how, that elusive three letter word.

So much of this healthy thing is really about getting organized and planning ahead. Being healthy is not a discreet segment of your life – IT’S YOUR ENTIRE LIFE.  You need to look at your life holistically, realistically, and practically. Here are some tips for organization to help position you to be your best, healthiest self.

The MAD COOL FITNESS Get it Girl Guide to Getting Your Healthy Thing Together, For Real

1)    Do your work-out in the morning. I know it’s tough but the morning is when you have more energy and in general your boss isn’t blowing up your blackberry.

2)    That means go to bed EARLY. Seriously, turn off The Good Wife and hit the sack. Use that DVR you just haven’t gotten around to setting.

3)    Pack your gym bag the night before. Don’t leave it to the morning where you will find yourself stumbling around in the dark, looking for your “good” support bra from Target only to discover it’s in the dirty laundry hamper. It will be just another excuse for you to bag the workout.

4)    If you miss a workout day – don’t stress. Make it up later. Keep moving forward. Don’t stress about what happened yesterday or today. Move forward to tomorrow. You get another crack at it.

5)    If you have a crappy workout – don’t stress. Analyze what’s up. Are you sleeping enough? Are you stressed? Was that workout too hard?  Remember KISS.

6)    Get some good beats on your iPod. Seriously, you’re gonna need Rihanna to get you through some of these workouts, because hey, sometimes YOU DON’T WANNA DO IT! Sometimes I don’t want to do it but experience tells me, I will feel better after I work out, and after 14 years of consistently being active, experience has never steered me wrong.

7)    Pack your food for the next day the night before. You don’t want to be at the mercy of whatever is in the cafeteria at work. This means…

8)    Go to the grocery store on the weekend so you have FOOD. You can’t eat good food if you don’t have good food.

9)    Make sure to pack snacks – nuts, dried fruit, apples – so at 4pm when it’s time to celebrate so-and-so’s birthday with cupcakes at work, you won’t be hungry, get distracted, and get off your program. So-and-so will not be offended you didn’t eat their devil’s spawn cupcakes.

10) Get A Workout Buddy – Everybody needs support. Find someone to whom you are accountable and with whom you can…

11) LAUGH – You’re changing. And that’s really cool, MAD COOL!!!!!

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By day, Jennifer Turner is a high-powered media executive.  By night, Ms. Turner is a self-proclaimed, “Fitness Activator.”  This is to say that her life’s mission is to empower others to “activate” their innate ability to have a healthy lifestyle and achieve happiness.

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