Male Birth Control Works . . . Too Well

by James Hill

October 31, 2016

Ladies, raise your hand if you’ve taken birth control pills.

Keep them raised if the pills ever made you a little . . . moody.

That’s what we thought.

CNN reports that similar emotional side effects were felt by MALE test subjects of a four-year study that saw over 300 men get hormonal injections. The injections reduced the subjects’ sperm count and of the hundreds of participants, only four ended up getting their partners pregnant. Still, even after a year off, eight participants had not yet fully recovered their fertility.

But the study was halted in 2011 after 3% of the men reported depression to which many of America’s women had one reaction:

giphy (74)

TELL US: If depression affected only 3% of users, would you want to use male birth control for you or your partner?