Neiman Marcus Sells Collard Greens Now?

by TV One Staff

November 2, 2016

It’s November so that mean’s SOMEBODY’S grandmother is going to be preparing her highly-anticipated collard greens dish real soon.

In fact, when you set out to do your early Christmas shopping, do her a favor and pick up a fresh batch from your local Neiman Marcus.

giphy (80)

Yes, you read right! The upscale fashion retailer is now selling collard greens for $66 (well 81.50 after fees)!




We have a few questions:

1. 80 something dollars? For greens?

2. Who knew you could have collard greens shipped?

3. How pissed off would your mama/grandmother/aunty/entire family be if you brought Neiman Marcus greens to the table for Thanksgiving?

4. Who determines what is “just the right amount of spices and bacon”?

5. Who is responsible for this idea?


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