Natascha Sherrod


The Perfectionist – Natascha Sherrod

Signature Dishes

Chicken Tacos
Slamming Sweet Potato Souffle
Super Spaghetti & Meatballs

Mark Sherrod-Husband
Dexter Brown-Brother
Shirley Harris- Mother 
George- Stepfather

Mom’s Story
Natascha, a mother of 4 (3,8,10,14) is a loving  person who enjoys taking care of others.  She feels that in order to be a good cook, cooking must be a part of your soul and it’s definitely a part of her soul and she loves to cook to heal people’s souls.  Natascha is a perfectionist and has a hard time hearing constructive criticism so she is determined to win this competition to hear nothing but the usual praises she gets when it comes to her cooking.