Advice For Omarosa’s New Trump Gig

by James Hill

January 5, 2017

Not that you should be surprised but, Omarosa Manigault, the “villain” of The Apprentice (from which she was “fired” repeatedly), is now the President-Elect Donald Trump’s “Public Liaison Leader.” It’s an official White House gig for someone who has been monumentally supportive of Trump since day one. Let’s not forget that she said Trump winning would be the “ultimate revenge” to those who doubted him and they will “bow down” to him (receipts here).

And while we’re not 100% sure what a Liaison Leader does, we’re guessing Omarosa will be tasked with drumming up Black support for Trump in very public venues. If so, here’s some advice:

1. Stop Bringing Out Don King

Despite being present at one of the blackest events on earth — 1974’s Rumble in the Jungle — Black folks’ relationship with King has been tenuous at best. He’s more like that strange Uncle no one wants to sit with at picnics. Same goes for Ben Carson and, sadly now, Jim Brown.

2. Stop Making Them Show Up At Trump Tower

There is a very icky “kiss the ring” feel to these photo ops that leaves the Black endorser looking like a kidnap victim with a gun pointed at their back.

3. Stop Sending Trump to Church

You know how you’ve never seen a camel at a funeral? Yeah, it’s like that.

TELL US: What advice would you give Omarosa in her new gig?