The Next Detroit Mayor Could Be This 22 Year-Old Black Girl

by James Hill

January 24, 2017

We don’t know about you but when we were 22, we weren’t thinking about running the city. Maybe the streets, but not the entire city.

The same cannot be said for Myya Jones, the Motor City native and Michigan State University student who has just tossed her hat (and lovely twist-out) into the ring via Twitter on January 1.

Jones, who interned on Capitol Hill and was a Google Student Ambassador, told The Huffington Post, Jones said “I have lots of plans for the neighborhoods. I want people to be able to walk down the street and go to the park. I want to clean up our streets and make sure we have block clubs and neighborhood clubs. I want to make sure people feel a responsibility to their neighborhood. Right now those things aren’t happening.”

While elections aren’t until later this year, Jones isn’t the only non-traditional candidate going up against incumbent Mayor Mike Duggan. A FOX affiliate in Detroit reported last Fall that another Black woman, Devonna Harvey (unemployed at the time) is looking to hold the keys to Motor City, too.

“I heard this from the Lord. When I hear, I’m obedient and I move,” she told FOX 2.

TELL US: Since our president is a reality TV star with no public service record, is it so crazy that a college student might become mayor of Detroit?