Darling Nikki


This sista needs no introduction.  She’s so knowledgeable about love, sex, romance and relationships she even had a song written about her.

“I’ve had my share of FROGS but I’ve had the pleasure of a PRINCE or two.”

– Darling Nikki

Darling Nikki has skills and is willing to teach them (most of them).  No topic is off limits when talking to this sexpert!  Don’t be shy; you just might learn something!  

Ms. Nikki got her degree in dating from the school of “Hard Knocks” and prides herself on being on the front lines of dating.   Making no apologizes for being a strong Black woman in today’s crazy dating world, Darling Nikki has one goal – to make sense of it all and share her knowledge.  

Resurrect your love life with straight up facts, talk and tips that only Darling Nikki can provide. Log on for information that you didn’t get from your momma.  

Dating.  Sex. Relationship Drama are all on the menu and then some.  

Darling Nikki covers it all with style, grace and finesse.  

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