Mad Cool Crew Getting Ready for Our Second 5K Race


The MAD COOL RUNNING CREW is getting ready for our second 5K race November 3rd, the day before the New York City Marathon. The race will end at the finish line of the marathon so the CREW will be able to feel the ecstasy of crossing the finish line without the enduring the agony of running the other 23 miles.

Technically this is week 2 of our training. Week 1 we got rained on and last week I was off doing the Malibu Tri.

This week felt a little more like the real kickoff because more of the CREW was back from summer vacations, and the sun gods were shining on us.

These women are amazing. They are “regular” women just like you who are taking charge of their health. They’ve gotten the running bug and they are ready to take on their next challenge.

Take a look!


By day, Jennifer Turner is a high-powered media executive.  By night, Ms. Turner is a self-proclaimed, “Fitness Activator.”  This is to say that her life’s mission is to empower others to “activate” their innate ability to have a healthy lifestyle and achieve happiness.

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