Michelle Obama, Why Must You Slay Us Completely?

by James Hill

April 4, 2017

We miss Barack and Michelle.

Like, a lot.

If we’re keeping it 💯, we DO low-key stalk them online. And the last time we saw them was when she and her hubby were KILLING it in NY. But that was A MONTH AGO!!!


So imagine our undeniable delight when this picture came across our screens.

YES, that IS Michelle Obama sans perm.

Let’s be clear, FLOTUS was always perfect but seeing her letting her natural hair rock only made us dream of her pumping those locks while still in office. Could you imagine?!?

The funny thing is, this isn’t actually the first time Michelle O went natural — sort of. Do you remember this picture?

Yeah, well turns out it was a FAKE — a glorious, glorious fake that photoshopped the hair off of the woman on the right and put it on Michelle. Nevertheless, the same #blackgirlmagic feelings we have now were just as high when this masterpiece hit the webs way back in 2012.

TELL US: What other Black celebs do you wish would go natural?

PS: Shout out to Awesomely Luuvie. We totally jacked your headline.