Lottabody’s #ALottaLove Ad Has Us Feeling Some Kinda Way

by TV One Staff

May 4, 2017

After seeing those treacherous Shea Moisture ads, Lottabody is doing what it can to take claim of the Black hair care market. Their latest campaign, #Alottalove, is currently giving us the feels:

We have several thoughts:

1. First, let’s take a moment to take in all of these beautiful Black people in ALL shades, most of whom are rocking their natural hair….BLACK IS TRULY BEAUTIFUL, Y’ALL.

2. Shout out to Lottabody for seeing the opportunity in another company’s mistake and flipping it to humanize their brand. Talk about petty power moves!

3. Is it just us, or were some real love connections made in this commercial? Anyone else single and wishing they were a part of this?

4. Could you imagine if someone skipped the breath preparation portion of the commercial? This could have easily been a campaign for oral hygiene.

5. Although we’re not completely sold on becoming Lottabody consumers, seeing their products on the shelf now will remind us of this ad and we guess that’s a start.

TELL US: What were your thoughts on this campaign?