Bianca Green’s Mother Stays Positive


Bianca Green’s mother, Lisa, talks about the heartache she feels when she looks in her grandson’s eyes and her secret to staying strong.

TVONE.TV:  Tell us about your daughter Bianca.

BIANCA’S MOM:  Bianca is very sweet and trusting…joyful and beautiful.  She took care of herself and her son.  She was working at the airport very early in the morning and taking classes two to three days a week.  She has three younger sisters; Lamesha, Jasmine and Brittany.

TVONE.TV:  Sounds like she had a full schedule.  Was she outgoing?

BIANCA’S MOM:  She wasn’t outgoing.  Bianca doesn’t know about the streets. She would go out sometimes with her two favorite cousins. She is strong.  She went thru a lot.  I expected her to know about some things and she didn’t.  She was kind of sheltered but she wasn’t a dummy by a long shot.


TVONE.TV:  In your heart, what do you think happened? 

BIANCA’S MOM:  I think she was overwhelmed with her son [Little J.] and her first boyfriend [Jamere Miller].  She would leave her son with the dad [Jamere Miller] because she was juggling two jobs at that time.  She was very giving.  She just couldn’t take no more.  I believe she left with the clothes on her back.


TVONE.TV:  What about her relationship with her boyfriend Jamere Miller?

BIANCA’S MOM:  They were on again and off again.  She loved him.  She just couldn’t shake him. I tried to think back to when I was young and in love, a long time ago [laughs].  Jamere said Bianca always said she was going to leave but I didn’t think she would do it. We don’t hate Jamere; we just know that sometimes they didn’t get along.

TVONE.TV:  What about the text messages from Bianca the night she disappeared?  Are you positive they were from her?

BIANCA’S MOM:  Her responses were her.  The things she said, I know it was her responding.  I paid her phone bill for a couple of months after that hoping she would pick up or I would hear from her again but it didn’t happen.

TVONE.TV:  What steps did you take when you realized that this was your worst nightmare?

BIANCA’S MOM:  I filed a police report. I called Crime Stoppers.  I went on the internet and got in touch with the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs).  I got involved with the Missing In Michigan project and worked with Trooper Sarah Krebs who pulled Bianca’s credit and social security report.  I haven’t had assistance outside the state.  We don’t have money like that.  I got the number from a friend about Find Our Missing and I am thankful.  I also called CNN but didn’t get a response. Missing adults are not like missing children.  It’s different when the person missing is an adult because there is so much other stuff going on. 

TVONE.TV:  Have there been any updates in the case?

BIANCA’S MOM:  The police contacted me and said they found a pregnant woman matching my daughter’s description and they were watching the apartment for more details.  They gave me the address and I could not wait.  I got in the car by myself on a Sunday and drove there.  I knocked and I knocked on that apartment door until a man answered.  There was a pregnant lady lying in the bed with the covers over her head.  I started crying and stuff.  It wasn’t her and I told them, I’m sorry but I’m looking for my daughter and if it was your mom looking for you, she would do the same. They both thought I was crazy.  Another time a body was found floating in the river and I was given a number to call and follow up.  The body found was not that of a pregnant woman and they were six feet tall. 

TVONE.TV:  What questions do you have surrounding your daughter’s disappearance?

BIANCA’S MOM:  I wonder if she had the baby. Is she in a shelter? Did she leave by bus or plane? There are so many counties and cities, where do I begin?

TVONE.TV:  What’s your secret to staying strong?

BIANCA’S MOM:  The spirit of God is living in me and that’s where I get my strength from. 

I get on my knees and have that relationship with him [God]. That’s the only reason I’m still standing. I keep thinking positive. 


TVONE.TV:   How is your grandson, Little J handling all of this? Does he ask about his mother?

BIANCA’S MOM:  He asks a lot of questions.  He hears his mom’s name in conversation and he knows who she is.  Some days he has a hard time in school doing what the teachers ask him to do.  I don’t know what to say but I know I have to say something.  I tell him she didn’t leave because of you.  I tell him that his mom would want him to listen to the teachers and do what they ask.  I try to think of everything positive and show pictures to him.  I have to keep it upbeat but it’s hard.  When I look in his eyes and see him wanting him momma, it eat me alive.

TVONE.TV:  Do you have any advice for families that may be going thru a similar situation?

BIANCA’S MOM:  We have to get to know our children’s friends, their likes and their dislikes and stop fighting with them.  I didn’t know everything and I didn’t know everything that was going on inside her head and her heart.  We [parents] need to get in their head instead of them getting in ours.  We didn’t grow up like that. Try to give tough love.  There were signs that I see now. 


TVONE.TV:  Any final thoughts? Do you have a message you would like to share?

BIANCA’S MOM:  Bianca worked and went to school.  She wasn’t on drugs.  She wasn’t a prostitute. She wasn’t a dancer.  I pray that everything is OK. I work in a home where people have lost their minds and if my daughter is in someone’s shelter, maybe this show will alert people that she has a family and is loved.

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