Dad Goes Viral (In A Good Way) After Unique Way Of Disciplining Daughter

by Krystal Franklin

August 15, 2017

Photo by Terrel Rico Relz Crawford’s Facebook

Usually I’m not a fan of parents posting this-is-how-I-discipline-my-kids videos on Facebook. Over the years we’ve seen this type of over-sharing go very wrong (remember the mom who duck taped her son to the wall?) and after the police get involved because of the viral video, you’re left wondering if the child really learned anything.

But Terrel Rico Relz Crawford is the type of father I can get behind.

In a post titled, When spoiled ass kids get told NO in Walmart, he shares a video of his adorable daughter crying after he made her come outside of their local Walmart. The reason? She apparently threw a tantrum and didn’t stop when he told her to. But instead of some over-the-top punishment or applying physical force, he simply talked to his followers about why his kids wouldn’t grow up spoiled.

The result was pure gold.

“When you spoil the hell out of your kids, this is what happens. And that’s our fault being raised as ghetto kids and never having anything…I don’t care if you grew up with a silver spoon in your mouth, don’t put one in your child’s mouth because this is what happens… I don’t beat my kids. My mom beat the hell out of me, I don’t do that to my kids. I take stuff from them. I make them sit down and I look at them in their face and tell them I’m not bothered by it. I’m grown.”

Watch below.

TELL US: What do you think about his approach to parenting? Fair or foul?

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