Cissy Houston Admits “You Can’t Make Anybody Do Anything”

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Cissy Houston may be Bobbi Kristina Brown’s grandma, but even she admits that her influence doesn’t go very far. Speaking with The View co-hosts alongside her son Gary Houston and daughter-in-law Pat Houston, Cissy acknowledged, “When you have a teenager who’s 19-years-old, who loses her mother and really don’t feel like she has to listen… you can’t make anybody do anything.”

She added:

“You try to suggest and you try to guide her and all that kinda business and that’s exactly what we’re trying to do, trying to guide her into a life that’s going to make her better…

“A lot of times (I think) I might make a bigger difference, maybe, but I’ve never been around her that much because she was always on the road with her mom.”

As a precaution, the executors of Whitney Houston’s estate (her mother and sister-in-law Marion Houston) recently filed a legal petition to restructure inheritance payments to Bobbi Kristina. The move was done to protect the daughter of the iconic vocalist from outside influence. You know, vultures.

The Houston Family reality show premieres today on Lifetime.

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