Is Jennifer Hudson Choosing Her Body Over Babies?

“The Inevitable Defeat Of Mister And Pete” Portraits – 2013 Sundance Film Festival

Is Jennifer Hudson holding out on having more kids for fear of messing up her figure? That’s what one gossip rag is claiming, though even if it were true, so? She has plenty of times to put more beans in that oven, no?

Alas, “insiders” tell Star magazine:

“When their son’s third birthday passed in August, David reminded her of her promise, but she couldn’t believe he was asking that just as she finally reached her target weight. The fight escalated with David telling Jennifer she is choosing looks over family.”

To keep the peace with her fiancé of three years, the Oscar winner finally agreed to try again when David Jr. turns five.

Meanwhile, the woman herself says she wants another baby — specifically a daughter. While attending the Sundance Film Festival, Jennifer told E! News: “I definitely want another baby. I want a little girl so bad and every day [David Jr.] reminds me, ‘Mommy I want a baby sister. I want a baby sister.’”

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