Benny Harlem Breaks Guinness World Record For Longest High Top Fade

by TV One Staff

September 15, 2017

Photo Credit: Benny Harlem/Guinness World Records

Move over Kid! There is a new high top fade champion in town!

Benny Harlem, a model based in LA but originally from NYC, made a huge splash on social media with his extremely long hair, and glamorous, Afro-empowering photo shoots with his young daughter, Jaxyn (who also has an impressive amount of hair). He recently broke the Guinness World Record for having the tallest high top fade at 20.5 inches above his head:

You’ll likely spot superstar @bennyharlem from a mile away – not only because of his keen fashion sense, but for his sensational record-breaking hair! With his striking locks styled upright on his head, Benny has made his way into this year’s Guinness World Records 2018 Edition as the title holder for tallest high top fade. At times it can take Benny up to two hours to shape and style his 20.5-inch tall hairstyle, but it is definitely worth it! Since first posting a stunning Instagram photo in 2016 of him and his daughter’s beautiful hair, they’ve now become known for their inspiring “hair goals”, with all members of the Harlem family exhibiting a passion for hair care. To maintain such fabulous locks, Benny and his family all use homemade shampoos prepared with unprocessed and pure ingredients like coconuts and berries, while also taking care of their overall health so that their hair is well-nourished. The Los Angeles, California dad says he wants to inspire people of all cultures and backgrounds to embrace who they are by appreciating their own natural hair. ____________________________________________ Tag someone who has incredible hair! 💁🏻✨💇🏻💇🏽‍♂️ #guinnessworldrecords #hair #haircare #hairstyle #hairstyle #hairstylist #style #trendy #fashion #passion #care #naturalhair #california #stunning #inspiring #hairgoals #coconut #berries #health #family #hightopfade #hightop

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Circumstances Change when we decide to change our Circumstances.

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When asked about his and his daughter’s hair regimen, he tells Paper Magazine:

“I mean we have a regimen. We wash our hair every week. We make our own shampoo and stuff like that, which consists of natural [ingredients like] coconuts and certain berries and things. I think it’s really just what most people do to their hair. [But we also] take care of [our] bodies. I think a lot of it is positive self-image and great thinking…”

Everytime we see a high top fade we can’t help but think of our favorite record from Big Daddy Kane

TELL US: When was the last time you saw someone rock the high top fade?