K. Michelle vs. Rasheeda

VH1 “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” Premiere Party

There’s a rumor going around that Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta stars K. Michelle and Rasheeda had words – and then maybe some smacks and slams – at the reunion show. Based on the preview of the next episode where Rasheeda expresses doubt about K. Michelle’s claims of physical abuse about Memphitz, who is married to her friend and Lil’ Wayne’s ex-wife, Toya Wright, we can see what soured the relationship. Last night the two subliminally tweeted each other.

The shade is below.

K. Michelle:

I’m never gonna sit around and let my friends not know the truth. I’ll hurt u with the truth before I tell u a lie.

Some people like to straddle the fence, come 2ur events,cry,and pray witcha, but soon as the media gets 2them, they get scared. Take a stand

There’s nothing Boss about not having a back bone. Don’t let ya friends scare u and make u feel bad about thinking for yourself.

This is my life not a high school musical. Ive kept it 1000 this far and will continue to, and don’t care who likes it. Im not scared.

So on a positive note Back Yard Burger is selling sloppy joes. Oh and im tweeting from a plane and they have Jack Daniels Honey.


I see Jack Daniels wanna take shots! Like FR fuck u mad @ me 4, WHY does my opinion matter so much.U wanna down everybody but want sympathy

I neva met 1 person in da streets or the industry who has ever said NEthing nice about u.U have no man & no friends #urselfdestructing!

Self respect is important 2 me..The minute u thought about f*ckin my friends man on the show u lost me then & there.!

I’m done with this sh*t….

— Michael Arceneaux

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