Gerald Levert

Photo of Gerald LEVERT

Crowned by fans as "the last soul singer," Gerald Levert was one of the preeminent forces of ‘80’s and 90’s R&B. He inherited his pedigree from his father, Eddie Levert, of the mighty O’Jays, and while still a teenager, formed his own singing group, LeVert, with Marc Gordon and his younger brother Sean, that dominated the charts. Thanks to infectious hits like “Casanova” and “(Pop Pop Pop Pop) Goes My Mind,” LeVert scored four straight gold records and five chart-topping singles. From there Gerald launched a formidable solo career, including a duet with his father, “Baby Hold on to Me,” which also hit number one. But Gerald could never find contentment in his many achievements and remained driven to top himself throughout his career, which ended tragically with his untimely death at the age of 40. Family, friends and musical admirers sing the praises of this modern "unsung" legend. 

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