Keyshia Cole Talks Hubby and a New Book

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Keyshia Cole stopped by Boy Loco of 97.9 The Beat to discuss, among other things, the picture of a woman performing a sexual act falsely accused of being her, plus whether or not her husband, Cleveland Cavalier Daniel Gibson, gets involved in her recording process. Keyshia also revealed that she’s working on a book about her life that she hopes will be turned into a movie. Yes, she still wants that movie.

Excerpts courtesy of Necole Bitchie:

On how things are in her household when scandals like ‘the fellatio pic‘ come up:

Its so weird, so awkward. Daniel is more of my backbone like, ‘Yo it’s cool, don’t worry about that.’ [People] were really excited about that possibly being me. I was like really? [They were saying] ‘Yeah Daniel, you are married, and this is you’. It was hurtful, because I built my career quite doing the opposite. So it is painful to come so far and for someone to do that. People who are really fans of mine, they know that I do not have a tattoo on my left arm. It was kind of already from the jump like ‘um no’. Men, more so than anybody, were really tweeting me about this picture.

Keyshia On if her husband was involved with the process of recording her new album:

No, I don’t tell him how to shoot the ball and he can’t really tell me how to record and how to sing. I think that he felt the same way about that. He’s more supportive of what I’ve been through and the relationship that I have with my fans and more so about them and not about me for the sake of this album, which was something that we collectively understood.

On her new book that is in the works:

I have a show in Oakland on the 17th of this month that’s actually sold out and I invited Mr. Ritz so he can come drive around Oakland with me and see where I’m from see the blocks where I’m from and all of that kind of stuff.

If [the book were to eventually] turn into a movie, I definitely would play myself.

You can watch the interview below:

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