Karrine Steffans Being Casted for “Basketball Wives”?

Karrine Steffans Book Signing For “SatisFaction”

There was a rumor that Karrine Steffans would be joining the cast of the LA edition of Basketball Wives. I found the rumor to be ridiculous and totally unbelievable, but if you are apart of the sect that actually believes things published on Media Fake Out, Steffans herself has come out to diffuse the rumors. She took to Twitter to denounce the chatter, kicking it off with, “The fact that I have to say this is repugnant. Why would I be on Basketball Wives when my husband doesn’t play basketball?”

Well, I wouldn’t go that far, re: “repugnant.” I’m sure she loves the attention, per usual.

In any event, she went on:

Why would I be on Basketball Wives when I don’t even know any basketball players, their friends, family, or wives?

Why would I be on Basketball Wives when I don’t even WATCH Basketball Wives?

You people are so fucking gullible and easily confused by the Nigga News Network. Knock it completely the fuck off.

Oh, my bad…I know @jackiechristie…but barely.

So plz stop asking me about damn Basketball Wives. If I were casted, it would be announced thru a REAL ent news medium, not MTO. #geez

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