Is La La and Carmelo Anthony Going Through a Rough Patch? Honors Its Celebrity Ambassador And Partner Carmelo Anthony Hosted By Louis XIII

Although they are rumored to be indeed having marital problems, La La Anthony doesn’t plan on divorcing Carmelo Anthony anytime soon. And before you even say it, yes I saw her reality show, and yeah, I did notice how completely uninterested he seemed in all of it – the cameras, the show, sometimes her. La La is a gem, though, so I just assumed that might be Melo’s personality overall. Regardless, she won’t be taking him to the bank in a hefty divorce settlement – not yet anyway.

Wish them luck before you go uploading thirst bucket tweets and Instagram shots trying to lure him into your bed and bank account.

Page Six reports:

“It is true they haven’t seen much of each other in the past few months,” says a friend of the couple. “She’s been away a lot filming her show, ‘La La’s Full Court Life,’ in London, New York and LA. They are not separated and are still together. She and Melo have a house in LA — so she’s always there when she’s doing auditions.”

But others say they’ve been going through a more rocky period. “They have been living separately for several months now,” says a source. “She’s been living in LA while Carmelo has been in New York.” The source added, “La La used to go out to the games and wanted to be seen . . . now she’s always off doing her own thing.”

Sources add that La La’s also been partying with girlfriends from Mexico to Miami, which has displeased Melo and “made him angry.”

According to multiple sources, the pair had been seeking a new home over the summer and were checking out apartments in TriBeCa for up to $25,000 a month. But the search cooled along with the relationship. “During the summer they were looking for a new apartment constantly,” said a source. “About two months ago, that completely dried up. They don’t even return their brokers’ phone calls anymore.”

After Melo was set off by the Celtics’ Kevin Garnett for allegedly saying La La “tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios,” speculation over infidelity flew. But sources insist that’s not the root of the couple’s split. “I have not heard anything about him having another woman,” said one pal, adding, “La La has never slept with Garnett.”