Naomi Campbell’s Boyfriend Builds Her a Russian Mansion

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In a new installment of “Why Am I Not Rich Yet Or At Least Not Dating Someone Who Is?” Naomi Campbell’s billionaire Russian boyfriend Vladamir Doronin is building her a new house in Moscow. For the record, it’s her third house. Well, mansion. A house is for poor people.

Rhymes With Snitch has more:

There’s the penthouse in Sao Paulo, Brazil [click here if you missed that], the Eye of Horus house in Turkey [click here if you missed that] and now there’s the spaceship looking house in Moscow currently under construction.

The Moscow house, called Capital Hill, is 28,524-square-feet and boasts a Finnish spa, a Turkish bath, a Russian bath, a gym and an indoor swimming pool that can be turn into a dance floor.

You know, great for her and all but isn’t Russia hella, hella poor? I mean, isn’t this a bit much and could possibly offend people not as fortunate? Wait, who am I kidding? The same applies to NYC and all those super wealthy people with their big homes while everyone else lives in an overpriced shoebox with Mickey Mouse’s family.

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