Phaedra’s Second Pregnancy Runs into Some Health Issues

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Phaedra Parks is having another boy, although her oldest son would prefer a little sister. He’ll be okay, meanwhile Phaedra is taking things very, very carefully in her second pregnancy. Speaking with HuffPo, Phaedra reveals how a recent diagnosis has guaranteed birth by caesarean section.

Via the Huffington Post:

“Doctors have diagnosed me with placenta previa, which means I need to be careful this time around because I can’t have a vaginal birth,” Parks revealed.

According to the National Institutes of Health, placenta previa occurs when the placenta grows in the lowest part of the womb (uterus) and covers all or part of the opening to the cervix. It occurs in 1 out of 200 pregnancies and is usually treated by reducing activity, bed rest and pelvic rest, meaning no sex, tampons or douching.

Parks told The Huffington Post last month that she planned to create a follow-up to her infamous "Phine Body" (aka "Donkey Booty") workout DVD geared specifically toward expectant moms. Given her current condition, however, it sounds like those plans may have to wait.

If she hasn’t done so already, there could be a future opportunity to shoot the DVD though. "I would entertain a third child," Parks told In Touch. "But I would have to guarantee that it was a little girl."

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