What Does NeNe Leakes Say About ‘Last Season’ Rumors?

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NeNe Leakes got people talking about her fate on The Real Housewives of Atlanta after telling reporters, “I love the acting world. So at some point … I can’t continue to be a Housewife. At some point, I have to back out.”

Translation: I came on reality TV to get into acting, so now that I have arrived as the trap version of Nell Carter, it won’t be long now before I ditch the lessers.

However, NeNe won’t be leaving anytime soon. A fan told Ms. VERY Rich via Twitter: “I hear this season of RHOA is ur last season. I refuse 2 watch w/o u on it”

Her response: “Hunni I ain’t goin no where”

So if you love her, joy to the world. If you don’t, get ready to hear even more declarations about how rich she is, how well she’s doing, how she’s killing the competition, and how you’re a hater if you’re not bowing down. Bloop.

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