Nicki Minaj Demanding Hot 97 Stop Playing Her Music

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Although I agree with the sentiment that Nicki Minaj’s attitude has been a bit too much to bear lately, there’s a new video going around that deserves context. According to Hot 97’s Ebro, Minaj called in from overseas, insulted him, and demanded that he stop playing her music.

Ebro said:

"I said, ‘Rosenberg ruined Nicki Minaj’s career’ – evidence suggests based on this Re-Up release, the things [Rosenberg] said about her being pop and selling out and making that pop music came back to haunt her. Now, she puts six rap records on this album and it didn’t sell…I get the phone call, the international number pops up, I answer the call, it’s my friend Nicki Minaj, who then starts to proclaim how I’m fake. She used every woman’s stab she could –

‘I thought you were a man, you’re a cornball, I thought we were friends, you’re fake, everyone told me you were fake’…I said, ‘Nicki, I’m helping you. I’m keeping you in the Hip Hop conversation. This Hip Hop thing’s a competition; you’re either ringing, or you’re not, and just like

I said yesterday, i love you, boo and I’ll dust you off and make sure this thing is popping off again.’ And she goes, ‘Don’t ever play my music again’…of course we are [still playing Nicki Minaj], I love Nicki Minaj."

So here’s context. Peter Rosenberg is the Hot 97 personality who notoriously prompted Nicki to cancel her performance at Summer Jam following him making the very sexist comment that her pop-rap songs are for women, ergo, not “real” hip-hop fans.

As for the talk of low sales of her re-released album, much of that has to do with Target and Best Buy not carrying the album. Given they are the largest music retailers, obviously that made it very difficult for her to move any real significant units. According to Minaj in a separate interview, the retailers didn’t want to stock the album given other re-releases not selling well.

In any event, you can see video of Nicki Minaj’s apparent demand to Hot 97 below: