Brandy Admits She Struggled With Her Looks

Brandy In Concert – Chicago, IL

A few weeks ago, Kelly Rowland revealed that she used to feel insecure about her beautiful complexion, and now in a new interview, Brandy says that she, too, struggled with her looks.

Brandy explained:

“My mom used to always say, ‘You know Brandy, you have a unique beauty’. You know it wasn’t the typical what you see on magazines. Having far apart eyes, and having different features. High cheek bones and different things you kinda have to grow into. I definitely struggled with that. I didn’t think I was cute for a very long time. I know it’s kind of cliche’ to say that inner beauty comes from within, but it really does. When you work on yourself, and when you take care of yourself, and take care of your body, you grow into your beauty. You realize that no one looks like you, no one can be you, no one is you… but you. And you really connect with that and embrace that. You know it took a long time to get to that point, but I definitely feel where Kelly is coming from. You would never think, cause’ I’ve known Kelly for a very, very long time and she always seem to be so… not only confident, but she was always beautiful within. So it just always showed through her eyes and through her smile and everything. You never would’ve known that. And I’m just glad that she’s able to not only recognize her inner beauty but recognize her outer beauty.”

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