Diva Nicci is Nobody’s Mean: Season 2 Ep. 7


“I have a heart of gold but I will say what’s on my mind!”

R&B Divas:              Atlanta Season 2

Episode 7:               Divas Last Stand

Celebrity Blogger:    Diva Nicci Gilbert

As R&B Divas: Atlanta season two nears the end, it isn’t quite over yet!  Diva Nicci Gilbert steps up and talks Brownstone reunion, R&B Divas drama and more!  Read her blog to find out what’s up with the ladies and if there will ever be a tour.



I was so excited to have the ladies over!!!! We all live in other cities (I’m in ATL, Maxee’s in LA and Teisha lives in Detroit) so outside of our spa days here and there, we don’t see each other much so it’s always fun to catch up!!!  Maxee and I are the founding members of Brownstone and we are like sisters.  Teisha replaced Kina and it’s been a great fit.  Her spirit, her voice, she is like the anchor of the group.  I joke around and call her “Choir Boy” from the movie The Five Heartbeats; she’s our glue!

The break-up of Brownstone was years ago.  We essentially decided that we wanted to try new things.  We were so young when we signed with Michael Jackson and we worked HARD, NON-STOP!!!  As we began to mature we wanted to explore our own individual interests.  Fast forward to NOW and we all agree that it’s time to bring Brownstone back!  The next three-four weeks is all about rehearsal as we are preparing for our tour this summer- MID JULY! GET READY!!!!



Watching season one of R&B Divas: Atlanta, I was really disappointed in myself in how angry I  was with music.  Being in the R&B Divas: Atlanta (season one) environment reminded me how what music meant to me.  I had long conversations with myself and the ladies and I’m happy to say that I am in a new place with music. 

My husband and I just opened a recording studio.  These days you don’t have to be in the same room to record a song. LOL!  So we are working hard on that and music and I are doing just fine!


Starting a charity to benefit women in the community has been a passion of my daughter Brandy’s for quite some time.  She mentioned this is both season one and season two.  Coming off the heels of the DIVAS SIMPLY SINGING event, I thought this would be a great time to launch the charity so Brandy could get her first taste of giving back to the community.  It seemed like a great idea because it seems like whenever the divas perform we take our own ego out and do well. 

The concept behind DivasandWildflowers.org  is to help encourage and inspire positive relationships between women struggling with addiction, depression, hardships and adversity in life along with the women in their lives who support them in their struggle.  I’m the “diva” and my daughter Brandy is the “wildflower.”   Together I know we can do something great!  Brandy has been thru a lot in her young life not being raised by her biological mother.  As the Executive Producer of the show, I was trying to extend an olive branch with this positive story line after all the diva drama. 

Sadly, MY charity wasn’t attached in this episode; it was my daughter Brandy’s charity.  As a mother, I was simply guiding her and teaching her to give back!  But no worries, the divasandwildflowers.org is MOVING FULL SPEED AHEAD and we will be hosting events this summer in various cities.



I never asked for money! Each diva was supposed to pick a woman and sponsor her.  I wanted Angie’s $100 to fill up my gas tank – that’s why I brought her to the venue and asked her to be a part!  LOL!

What you didn’t see is I asked HER to leave!



I’m actually on the road now on my way to tape the R&B Divas: Atlanta Reunion and I plan on answering all the questions about the TOUR and the EBLAST then!  I have to tell the truth!  This season was supposed to be about us preparing for a tour; Faith talked about a tour in the season one finale.  But a tour will happen!  Absolutely!


Nobody is that angry, mean and hateful ALL the time.  That’s just a joke!  My family has been attacked in more ways than one. My mother just got a stent and actually got in an argument with someone in her senior community when they called me an evil bit*ch!!!  So when the allegations and name calling start to affect my mom and my family, that’s when I have to speak up so tune in and watch the reunion June 26 at 10/9c and July 10 at 9/8c.

“I have a heart of gold but I will say what’s on my mind!”

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