3 Simple Steps To Keeping #1 Happy – YOU!


If I asked you to give me three things you need to do to take care of yourself, what would you REALLY say?

If your answer involves family, shopping or a man, you’re in for a world of trouble.   Too many times I see my beautiful sisters relying on others or material things for their happiness.  That’s our #1 flaw. Don’t fall into that hard-to-get-out-of-habit trap.  You can’t expect someone else (parents, siblings, friends, boss or boyfriend), to make your entire world happy if you can’t do it for yourself.  

If I sound selfish, oh well.  But in all honesty, if you don’t look out for yourself, who will?   I have heard way too many woe-is-me stories that feature a female that lives her entire existence on hoping praying that her man, baby-daddy or even ex is the key to her entire happiness.  Don’t be that woman! 

Here are three fool proof steps on how to really keep #1 happy – that means YOU:

Do You

If you have time for everyone except yourself, that’s a problem. It’s not about being selfish it’s about loving yourself PERIOD.   Take time out just for you.  That could mean a simple walk, a relaxing bath or just a few minutes alone.  If you often take the time to cook or shop or plan events for others why not take a time-out and do the same for YOU?

Say No

Too often we find ourselves saying “yes” when we really wanted to say “no.”  This results in us being frustrated and mad at ourselves.  Stop beating yourself up and know when and how to say “no.”  Half the fun of being grown is not having to say “yes” all the time.  Say “no” if you really can’t and remember the golden rule –  don’t apologize for not being willing or available.

Be Silly

Don’t take yourself so serious!  Have fun!  Laugh! Dance! Sing at the top of your lungs even if you can’t hold a tune.  These are all great stress relievers that we left behind in our youth.  Bring it back!

Lastly, don’t forget, there’s nothing wrong with a little self-love; I’m not talking about that kind of self-love although that’s great too. (LOL) I’m talking about the kind of self love that makes people want to be around you.  The kind of self-love that says you don’t need others to put a smile on your face because you got-it-going-on regardless.

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