Kriss Kross Reuniting for a So So Def Event

Kris Kross – 12-1-1992

Kris Kross recently made their way back into headlines recently with word that the two would be reuniting on stage in February for the 20th reunion of Jermaine Dupri’s So So Def reunion in Atlanta. In an interview with Yahoo! Music, Kris Kross member Chris Kelley answers whether or not this reunion is a one off or a full-fledged regroup ala SWV or whatever En Vogue was trying to do before it all blew up in their faces…again. Plus, he reveals that after all these years, he’s still wearing his pants backwards.

So is it true that the upcoming Kris Kross show is not the beginning of a Kris Kross comeback?

We just doing this one show and gone see how it goes.

Have you and Chris Smith been in communication the whole time?

Me and him, we have our times when we don’t talk and our times that we do talk. But if it’s any time that I needed him or needed to reach him it was never a problem.

Kris Kross was known for wearing their pants backwards. Where did that come from?

It was kind of a collective idea. We was all just sitting around thinking of something to do different. It probably could have been Jermaine that said, “Hey let’s put our pants on backwards.” I was the first one to do it, and I’m still the last one to still be doing it. We went to the mall and got so much attention. We was like, “Ok, this is it.’” And it just went from there.

How uncomfortable was it to wear your pants backwards?

I don’t know. Everybody always ask me that. But you have to understand I’ve been wearing my pants backwards for 21 years. Really since ‘91 ‘cause we started a year before we even came out with a record. When I wake up that’s how my pants get put on.

Are you saying that you’ve continued to wear you pants backwards all these years?

Yeah. I’ve worn my pants backwards since 1991; never frontwards.

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