Tami Roman Reveals How She Lost the Pounds

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Tami Roman has shed a lot of pounds which has caused many to wonder what got her to let go of the booze, the carbs, the booze, and the beer, which is booze? Short answer: Money. More specifically: Six-figures worth of money. Yes, cash rules everything around she, Tami, get the money, dollar, dollar bills, y’all.

According to TMZ she was offered a six figure endorsement deal from a diet company that required her to drop 25 pounds. Naturally, that’s all the motivation she needed.


Sources close to Tami tell TMZ she got all the way up to 185 lbs recently and was determined to lose the weight. She started exercising her booty off, ate healthy food … and began using a product called NV Sprinkles — where you sprinkle powder on your food to make you eat less.

We’re told Tami dropped the weight in about two months and was so vocal in the press about the NV’s help in her speedy weight loss, the company actually approached her to be the face of the product.

Our sources say Tami signed on for a mid-six-figure endorsement deal and all she has to do is keep the weight off.

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