Jermaine Jackson is Ready to Change His Name

The Jacksons UNITY Tour – Los Angeles, CA

Today’s “You Tried It” report is on one of the most consecutive winners of the “Negro Please” award in modern history: Jermaine Jackson.

According to TMZ, the singer and shiny hair enthusiasts has put in a request to have his name legally changed to “Jermaine Jacksun.” Why? According to documents filed, he is doing so for “artistic reasons.”

As of now, the request has yet to be approved by a judge though a hearing has been scheduled. Regardless of how the judge rules, I’d like someone to email Jermaine a map to the Staples Center. Once he arrives, he can pick any one of the open seats he sees and get really comfortable.

Sorry, but when you start getting AARP magazine in the mail you’ve got to realize certain stunts have got to stop.