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When EPMD came out; Salt-N-Pepa was riding high!  We were in Europe touring but their sound is legendary, no doubt.  It was ordained for EPMD to be a staple in hip hop. 





Spin on the Importance of a DJ and the Magic of DJ Scratch

Back in the day, it was the DJ who was also the MC originally and then hip hop evolved and it separated.  When you think of hip hop groups, you can’t help but think of their DJs….like Run DMC; they had Jam Master Jay, DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, Salt-N-Pepa!!!!!  I mean, the DJ is great for the eye, they add an element to the show and sound.  It just works!

EPMD’s DJ, DJ Scratch is a MASTER GENIUS DJ!  He is one of the top DJs in the world!  He actually taught DJs and he would even worked with me on routines for Salt-N-Pepa. He was my teacher. Yup!

Portrait Of Salt N Pepa

EPMD, Run DMC, Salt-N-Pepa ALL have similar stories because of the DJ!!!!! It’s crazy!

The advice that Jam Master Jay gave DJ Scratch which was discussed in the episode was IMPECCABLE.  Jam Master Jay told Scratch …”Always establish yourself no matter who you’re with.  Groups always break up so when groups break up make sure you’re able to stand on your own too.”

That advice is the most important thing a DJ needs to hear- In my opinion; a DJ has to create their own lane so they can stand on their own.  As a DJ, if you’re not standing on your own, you need to be.


Jam Master Jay took a liking to DJ Scratch and introduced him to EPMD.  Scratch coming on board with EPMD was a GREAT connection.  I’m glad Jam Master Jay saw that.  He definitely complimented the group.

Back then, you had to have a DJ.  Fast forward to Biggie, no DJ but back then, a DJ was a MUST!

The Wendy Williams Thing

I didn’t know about that! I mean everybody listened to Wendy on the radio in NYC and we just kept hearing Wendy talk about a gay rapper but I never knew it was supposed to be Erick Sermon of EPMD.  He is NOT gay.  Love gone bad maybe? Who knew?   LOL!

Group Beef

I also didn’t know about Parish’s house getting robbed.  Back then, we didn’t have the technology we have today.  Can you imagine if that happened now? It would be all over the media! I think they might always have some tension until they discuss and squash their beef.  They need to just do it and give us some hot new music.

After seeing this episode, I really have to give props to Parish.  I really looked up to him in this episode.  He put away his ego and served the people music.  That’s hard for men to do and he did it.

I can relate to both Erick and Parish because being a celebrity is real.  I learned who’s in your corner and who’s not.  I’ve had to learn that the hard way. I had to go thru that with Salt-N-Pepa. Celebs are human.  Groups are human.  They argue. They fight and they break-up.

Vh1 Hip Hop Honors Presents EPMD Reunion – October 14, 2006

Spin on The Music and Marketing of EPMD

The use of the word “business” in every EPMD album… Hello!  That was DOPE!  I use to be like…what’s the next album going to be called and try to guess.  I would make a joke out of their use “business” but it was real, even genius.

One thing I definitely remember about EPMD was that they were so on the underground tip.  They were going against the radio, which ironically made them bigger.  They were against mainstream and Salt-N-Pepa was mainstream.  They were almost on the attack of groups like ours, but I didn’t feel threatened by that.  EPMD fought for the underground and they turned out to be mainstream.  Ironic! They opened the doors and made the underground more noticeable.  EMPD was strictly for the hip-hop heads.

The second album Unfinished Business was all that.  “So Wat Cha Saying” was major for me.  Musically, they are incredible.  It was also major for DJs.  The scratches on that record by DJ Scratch are hot!  My other favorites include; “It’s My Thing,” “Get The Bozack,” “Please Listen To My Demo,” I love the early EPMD!!!!!

I just did a set in Australia a couple of weeks ago and “So Wat Cha Saying” was definitely in effect.  You can leave the stage with that song!

I always wondered how Erik got that acapella version of Marvin Gaye’s music so I’m glad he explained that one, that’s why I am so thankful for Unsung!!!!  I also didn’t know Erik worked with all those celebs he talked about (50, EnVogue, Chico Debarge, Angie Stone, D’Angelo…)

EPMD were like the hip-hop boys next door.  They were NOT untouchable yet they were MEGA.  They were the voice of hip hop with dope lyrics to match.  They incorporated funk, reggae, rock.  Who does that?  And five gold albums!  I went to a couple of EPMD shows and they killed it!  They have a cult-like following….White, Black, Asian…. People love EPMD, me included.

Next Time:  Check back next week for my blog on Unsung’s latest episode, Lou Rawls.  Yes, I have love for old school too! I remix it ALL!

Spinderella AKA Spindeezy!

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