Mint Condition

The 8th Annual Tom Joyner Foundation Fantastic Voyage

Right from the start Mint Condition stood out from the pack with a sound that blended funk, rock, R&B and jazz.  Their 1991 breakout single Breaking My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes) was a smash on both the R&B and pop charts and was followed by Top Ten singles U Send Me Swingin, Forever in Your Eyes and the timeless ballad What Kind of Man Would I Be

But the mere fact that Mint Condition was a band became a challenge as they struggled against the tide of 90s hip hop. And when Keri Lewis left shortly before marrying Toni Braxton, the group struggled to stay together.  In this entertaining episode of Unsung, the members of Mint Condition reunite to reveal the ups and downs of their lives and careers, and the double-edged challenge of remaining ‘the last great Black band.’