Samuel L. Jackson Says MLK Would Appreciate “Django Unchained”

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While Spike Lee is claiming Quentin Tarantino’s new film, Django Unchained, is disrespectful to the legacy of slavery, one of the film’s stars, Samuel L. Jackson has gone as far as to say he thinks Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would love the movie given its “honest interpretation of having a Black film hero.” I kind of disagree with both, but I did love the movie and think more need to see it and form their own opinions.

However, Samuel’s remarks are at least a bit interesting to hear.

Samuel told theGrio:

“Quentin just has this affinity for writing things that intersperse dramatic events with humorous occasions,” Jackson said. “He’s not making fun of the atrocity of slavery, he’s attacking it head-on. It’s not going to be offensive, it should be informative.”

When asked what he thought Martin Luther King Jr.’s impression of Django Unchained would be if he were alive to see the film, Jackson said, “He would probably appreciate the honest interpretation of how horrific slavery was, and the honest interpretation of having a black hero.”

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