Three Projects Centered on the Life of Rudy Ray Moore

The Video Software Dealers Association 2005 – Day 2

Rudy Ray Moore’s longtime manager, Donald Randall, is hard at work on three projects centered on the life of the legendary blaxploitation actor — a documentary, biopic, and remake of the film Dolemite.

In between then, Randall is giving interviews about the varying projects, more specifically the documentary. In a Q&A with, Randall, settles some longstanding rumors about the late Moore — including chatter about his sexuality and finances.

Carlton Jordan: Was Rudy ever married or have any kids? Have you heard about the rumors that Rudy Ray was a homosexual? How do you respond to that?

Donald Randall: He was never married and had no kids. I heard rumors over the years that Rudy was gay but I never saw any evidence of it. I have heard stories and have found now that the accusations were correct. I have footage of interviews with people outing him and if you listen to his comedy he does make reference to it. He also signed two drag queens to his label and had gay male actors in his movies. There were only three men around Rudy who weren’t gay. But I never knew this until his co-star and friend Jimmy Lynch told me. Then I believed it. Rudy did a very good job of covering it up. Rudy did have some girlfriends according to his friend Ben Taylor. But he also had male lovers. The documentary will cover that.

Carlton Jordan: How did Rudy Ray Moore die? Broke? Alone? Happy?

Donald Randall: He had money but no happiness.

Carlton Jordan : Was his finances career ever mismanaged? How so?

Donald Randall: Yes. Dimension Pictures (in 1975) filed bankruptcy on Rudy after releasing Dolomite. The movie made millions of dollars but he hasn’t seen a dime of it. So on paper he was worth millions, yet he never saw any on that money. Career-wise Rudy didn’t have the right people around him back in the day. He was strong-headed and independent and wanted to do things this way causing him to be creative but not a business man. Everybody from the film side and music side did nothing but exploit him. He got money but not what he deserved because people stole from him.

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