It’s Diva Time!


Ladies and Gents, it’s about to be R&B DIVAS time again and I can’t wait!  Next to Christmas (and all that shopping), this is my favorite time of the year.  It’s now MY TURN to throw my man some SHADE when R&B DIVAS hits the TV because he throws me shade ALL YEAR ROUND with football, basketball and boxing … ARGH! Enough already!!!!! Now it’s MY TV TIME and the DIVAS are TAKING OVER!!!!!

Now, if you’re wondering what my Diva mania has to do with LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS, I’ll tell you — PLENTY!   Like millions of others, I LOVE THE DIVAS and their friendships, disagreements and their love lives are all about relationships.

Take Diva Monifah for example: If her story line isn’t about LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS, then I don’t know what is!!!  She and her partner Terez seem to really be in love.  I’ll be tuning in to see if anyone pops the big question!!!! It could happen!

What about the dynamic duo of KeKe and Michael?  I’ll be tuning in to see if they are always still together and if they are planning on having any more adorable babies.  The verdict is still out on how I really feel about them spending so much time together but I will say, if it works for them then why change it?  I have dated several men that I wish I would have been able to keep better tabs on – it would have saved a lot of heartbreak in the long run. #DARLINGNIKKI_TRUETALK

And if last season of R&B DIVAS wasn’t the bomb-dot-com, they added two new divas, LaTocha Scott and Angie Stone to the mix.  I can’t wait to see how they get along with my existing gal pals and what they bring to the table!

In addition to the juicy drama showcased on the show, there are genuine relationships shared between the divas that we can all relate to.   Like the R&B DIVAS  some friendship may be closer than others while another friendship comes to a screeching halt (It’s OK.  Everybody is NOT your BESTIE).  At the end of the day it’s how you deal with life’s LOVE & RELATIONSHIP ups and downs that makes you a diva or not. 

Can all of these ladies get along and possibly do a tour?  I’m rooting for ALL OF THEM!  I’m tuning in… are you?

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