[WATCH] Mike Epps Says Kevin Hart Doesn’t Have The Right To Police Comedy: ‘Don’t Get Too Cute In This Business’

by Krystal Franklin

October 8, 2018

Photos by Prince Williams/WireImage and Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Mike Epps and Kevin Hart have had this rumored beef that seems to resurface every year or so. Last year we thought the two squashed whatever their issues were with one another but as of lately, the comedians have seemed to enter back into this weird territory.

This morning Epps talked about their relationship, addressing Hart’s comments about him and Katt Williams in the now infamous interview where Katt trashes Tiffany Haddish.

On his long-time beef:

Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

“This is a lifetime achievement for all of us. I think that when some of us get some success you turn into the police. When you winning you don’t know who really is on your side. When you have a platform over everyone else it’s easy for you to make everything look the way you want it to look. I paved the way for all of them too. I don’t think he owes me respect, I just think that if you’re in a position of power you can’t be a gatekeeper, you can’t be the police every time. And people can have an opinion about you.”

The newly engaged comedian also spoke on working with Eddie Murphy in the upcoming Dolemite biopic, Bill Cosby and spoke about the black gatekeepers of Hollywood.

Watch below.

Despite what Epps says, it does sound as if he could be harboring a hint of jealousy towards Kevin’s success. Or maybe, just maybe, as he says, he’s entitled to his own opinion.

TELL US: What do you think is Mike Epps’ real issue with Kevin Hart is?

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