Syleena’s Season Finale Sound Off: Season 2 Ep. 8


“… I couldn’t sleep at night knowing I should have stood up for the truth and didn’t.”

R&B Divas: Atlanta          Season 2

Episode 8:                          Till Divas Do Us Part

Celebrity Blogger:            Diva Syleena

From one diva argument to another (with you know who), family issues and promising business ventures, Diva Syleena shares her R&B Divas: Atlanta season two experiences in her season finale blog.  Diva Syleena sets the record straight on if she REALLY works for Diva Nicci and what she REALLY thought about that explosive finale dinner?  Read the blog and comment now! 

Diva Syleena’s Business Ventures & The DVD Drama

It felt great to see my business ventures unfold on television!!!! I worked very hard with my management, team and partner Sheena Minard to make it all happen. Toi Troutman & Renown Hair has also been amazing!  I have a great team and great people around me that ensure that I get the best out of what we put into the "Syleena" brand.  This hasn’t happened overnight!  I have been working on various projects for years; long before R&B Divas: Atlanta.  I am just really blessed that God has given me an additional platform to expand my brand and with some amazing women who have amazing talents.

However, let me set the record straight about my workout DVD.  The DVD was done legally, clean and with contracts all sign sealed and delivered except for ONE person who refused for false reasons.  I have been trying to deal with it legally but this person will not respond legally, which is interesting. I do not do dirty business; never have and NEVER WILL.   If I did, then the second videographer whom of which I completed my workout DVD with would have told it!!!  I am new to Atlanta and have no intentions to create bad connections, however there seems to be a lot of imposters out here and very different from what I am use to.   But I am doing the best to adjust.  On the flip side, I have also met some awesome people in Atlanta who do great business, so I’m hopeful!!!


Diva Syleena’s Mom & Music

My mother is awesome!!!!   She is taking it one day at a time and that’s all I can really hope for.   She has stopped drinking but the cigarettes are taking a bit longer!!! 🙂  Her seeing herself on television was very interesting!!!! LOL!!!!  She was very critical of herself OF COURSE but she is ok with it now! 

On the season finale (episode 8), you only got to hear a snippet of my new music but it’s AMAZING!  The project is officially done and we are now trying to nail down the paperwork but everything is going great!!!!  Please keep a look out for it because it’s dropping soon! 

Diva Syleena on the REAL DEAL with Diva Drama

I am not certain of the REAL DEAL because some things are just made up by her own mind. I am not violent, I do not run around “mushing" people and my life doesn’t involve everyday arguments with people. I know that I have never done anything wrong to her and that everything she claims I have done is all false. Sometimes when you are hurting inside, you hurt others. I guess I was just that target???  

I have done nothing but try to be her friend in the beginning, but enough is enough!  I am a grown woman and I don’t have to take this sh*t off of anyone!!!!  Sometimes I think she was just mad because she wanted me to look like the bad guy of the show, but I wouldn’t allow it first season, so second season she came back with a vengeance to try and make me look bad. I don’t know why, maybe hate in her heart from other things that don’t relate to me, however, I think it backfired??? Again my OPINION but I am just saying… Although I am not happy with certain words I used, I am working on me to learn how to react better.   I feel like Nicci was a bully, and I had to stand up for myself because if you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.

It’s not right to let a person lie on you (and others) and not speak up about it, and if I am crucified for standing up for myself then I guess that is what has to be.  But I couldn’t sleep at night knowing I should have stood up for the truth and didn’t.

Diva Syleena’s REAL Employer

I do not work For Nicci Gilbert!   If I did, shouldn’t I be fired by now?   My checks don’t say her name so that’s ridiculous. Shucks! SHE doesn’t even work for herself from the looks of it!!!!  I think it was disrespectful to say that, especially in front of the other ladies. Basically if I work for you then you’re saying all the ladies work for you, and that’s absurd. I am contracted as a personality on this show, my companies, publishings, bookings and various other ventures pay my bills, which means I WORK FOR ME. Behind my name says CEO. I was getting checks way before I met Nicci and will long after.  Anyone who knows me knows that for a fact.


Diva Syleena SETS IT OFF At Finale Dinner

I hated that dinner! That whole dinner was ruined by foolishness!!!!  It was meant to be a happy moment to share with KeKe for her birthday and bask in the glory over the announcement of Monifah’s engagement. Instead, it went LEFT!  Real LEFT!!!!  

I am upset at myself for cursing so much and allowing someone to get me so mad, but I couldn’t take it anymore.  Once again,  I was forced to stand up for what was right and it went further than I would have wanted. I wish I could have got out of there faster!!!!  I didn’t want to come but it was KeKe’s birthday and I promised Monifah I would help.

Diva Syleena on Setting the Record Straight

The one thing that was a blatant lie that I want people to know is that I don’t owe ANYONE $20,000 unless you are my student loans!!!!!  Again, I don’t do bad business and for a person to attack my brand when I shot and modeled for her Curvato line with no question or mention of a fee, is unfair and shows a lack of integrity.   At the end of the day, all I can do is work on me and try to be the best Syleena I can be. That’s every day!   I don’t wish anything bad for Nicci and I pray that her businesses flourish and she finds peace. I will not bash her as she has done me, but I will defend myself, my team and my family against slander whenever it is necessary. 

To my young viewers, I apologize for my cursing. There are better words I could have used and I am working on that. God is working on me every day; please be patient with me!  🙂

Thank you for all the kind words comments and tweets throughout the season!  It’s been a BLAST!


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